For many years the Rotary Club of St Peters has recognised senior students, selected by their teachers, for excellence in vocational school subjects. Rotarians have enjoyed seeing the work these young people have produced and hearing how and why they developed the diverse and skilful articles.
Typically these are year 11 students who have undertaken a major project for a SACE subject such as art / photography / technology and maybe produced a portfolio of art or photography or an object such as an item of furniture, an arcade game, a lighting device etc. A special Awards Night is held each year.
Known as the Design and Creativity Awards, the club liaises with a number of secondary schools asking them to nominate a student or two who have excelled in the conception / execution of a physical project.

The culmination of the program is a Rotary meeting where secondary students together with their teacher and families attend with our members and partners and visitors. We have a meal together. The students are introduced by the relevant teacher and then give a short talk about the project / work for which they are to receive an award. They then receive a certificate and cheque. Their work is displayed and an opportunity exists for visitors to examine the displays and talk to the students.