Family Survival Packs and SkyHydrants
Periodically this club has made substantial donations to Disaster Aid Australia.
The money has been used to provide Family Survival Packs for use when natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and tsunamis occur.
The SkyHydrant water purification unit produces safe drinking water without the need for power or chemicals. 
Each Family Survival Pack provides a family with the basic tools to rebuild their lives. All products contained in the box meet and exceed UN and Sphere standards and have innovative differences.
For ease of transport and manoeuvrability, the box has wheels and a handle. Its capacity is 190 litres, with the lid serving as a carpenter’s workbench with two 2”x4” saw grooves, and is completed with a tool holder.
Inside the box is a range of support items, most importantly, the Disaster Aid tent which is the largest humanitarian aid tent available. And best of all, it is inter-connectable. Simply, we can erect a four classroom school for up to eighty school children; assist with a first aid tent; erect a community centre – the deliverables are many and varied dependent on the need of those we serve.
Filled with blankets, water containers, cooking utensils, a stove, pots, pans, children rucksacks (with books and pencils), mosquito nets and other useful items, our packs help rebuild broken lives.

Disaster Aid Australia is working with the SkyJuice Foundation to bring safe, clean, drinking water to villages in India, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The SkyHydrant is a low cost, lightweight (16 kg) portable and easy to deploy in the field. The UF membrane is robust, cleanable and has a service life of 10 years. Operating functions are simple and manual, with virtually no consumables.
Safe water for less than $1 per person per year. Designed to produce water for 500-1000 people as stand alone unit, or can be configured for larger capacity. A single unit can produce up to 1,000 litres per hour.
Clean drinking water can be produced from the majority of non-saline surface and ground water.